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Topical Antibiotics

Topical Antibiotics

Medications Information: Topical Antibiotics


1.  Generously apply the medication once or twice a day as your physician has directed.

2.  Apply to the entire face and/or other affected areas. DO NOT JUST DAB ON INDIVIDUAL PIMPLES. This treatment will allow you to treat the pimples you can see, as well as those which are just forming and are not yet visible. When treating the face and neck, apply it to the areas shown in the sketch. Keep the medication out of your eyes, nose, and mouth.

3.  Results take time. As with most acne medications, results won't occur overnight.  While the antibiotic in the medication penetrates the skin and goes to work within a very short time after you apply it, it may take 6 - 8 weeks before you see improvement. Do not stop using the medication just because you don't see results right away.  As you acne starts to improve, continue using the product as instructed by your physician.

4.  A temporary minor stinging or burning may occur.  This discomfort can be minimized by waiting half an hour before applying the medication after washing or shaving.